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Antiseptics & Ointments

Antimicrobial wipes, sprays and ointments are first aid staples for minor wound care. Prompt application helps prevent infection, speeds healing and offers relief from discomfort.
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Alcohol Wipes
Excellent for all types of disinfecting
#12115 50/box  $2.22 qty
Antiseptic Wipes
Disinfects skin and surfaces
#12110 20/box  $2.55 qty
Hydrocortisone Cream
Fast acting relief of skin irritations
#12310 25/box  $5.63 qty
Antibiotic Ointment
Triple antibiotic formula for preventing infections
#12300 25/box  $5.63 qty
First Aid Cream
Pain relieving antibiotic cream
#12305 25/box  $5.36 qty
Antiseptic Spray
Fast relief in an environmentally safe pump
#12500 2oz/bottle  $3.73 qty
70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Ideal for any number of uses
#12410 16oz/bottle  $4.51 qty
Hydrogen Peroxide
A must have in any first aid cabinet
#12405 16oz/bottle  $1.29 qty
#12400 8oz/bottle  $3.13 qty
Paws Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.Prevents the flu and colds
#12210 100/box  $11.95 qty
Sani-Dex Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.Be prepared this flu season
#12205 135/box  $13.74 qty
Hand Sanitizer Gel
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.Instant hand sanitizer with fresh scent
#12216 25/box  $5.63 qty
No-Rinse Hand Sanitizer
CALL FOR AVAILABILITY. Instant hand sanitizer with fresh scent
#12215 4oz/bottle  $2.29 qty
Vionex No Rinse Gel Antiseptic
DUE TO COVID-19, CALL FOR AVAILABILITY.Effective germ killing and skin cleanser gel
#12220 4oz/bottle  $8.43 qty
Skin Care Lotion
With vitamin E and aloe vera
#12252 25/box  $5.12 qty
Lip-Guard Medicated
Fast acting medicated ointment
#12255 20/box  $2.99 qty
Kanka Mouth Sore Relief
Professional strength, American Dental Association accepted
#12260 Each  $2.62 qty
Biofreeze Muscle Relief Gel
penetrates quickly to relieve aches and pains
#12253 5ct  $4.27 qty
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