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Kit Scissors
Inexpensive tape and bandage scissors
#14100 Each  $1.71 qty
Chrome Bandage Scissors
High quality chrome construction
#14105 Each  $4.27 qty
EMT/Paramedic Scissors
Used by paramedics
#14110 Each  $7.27 qty
Kit Tweezers
Inexpensive disposable tweezers
#14200 Each  $1.09 qty
Fine Tip Tweezers
High quality steel tweezers
#14210 Each  $4.27 qty
Tweezers with Magnifier
High quality fine tip tweezers with magnifier
#14215 Each  $7.29 qty
Splinter-Out Splinter Probes
Sterile and easy to use
#14300 10/box  $3.69 qty
Eye Magnet & Loop
Excellent for removing metal splinters
#14400 Each  $9.95 qty
Disposable Thermometer
Single use clinical thermometer
#14406 4/package  $6.90 qty
Long-life and disposable for convenience
#14410 Each  $2.65 qty
Cotton-Tip Applicators
Soft cotton and wood
#10290 100/vial  $2.85 qty
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