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Emergency Equipment and Supply Guideline

Your employees and co-workers are your business's most important and valuable asset. Make sure you take the time and evaluate your work environment to make sure you have the right supplies and equipment to deal with the basic types of emergencies that could affect your business. The following list outlines emergency situations and provides product recomendations.

Medical Supplies
Triage & multiple injury kit
First aid Kit
Automated external defibrillator
Supplemental oxygen
CPR & personal protection
Flu protection supplies

Evacuation Supplies
Employee grab and go kit
Emergency team identification
2-way radios
Assembly area signage
Crossing guard stop sign
Evacuation stair chair
Basic tools set

Sheltering In Place
Emergency food
Emergency water
Blankets / bedding
Sanitation & personal hygiene
Sealing / isolation supplies
Comfort supplies

Fire extinguishers (ABC type)
Fire blanket
Escape (Smoke) masks

Contact us today and let one of our experienced staff help you put together the right products that will meet emergency preparedness needs. For more information, please contact us via email or call 800.585.8506

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