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Hot & Cold Therapy

Certain injuries can be eased and mitigated with heat wraps or cold packs. Apply cold packs to strains and sprains for 20 minutes to limit swelling. Apply heat in 30-minute intervals to relieve muscle soreness and spasms in the back and neck.
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Cold Compress
Instant ice for any number of emergencies
#15100 Small  $1.42 qty
#15102 Small 48/case  $63.23 qty
#15105 Large  $2.09 qty
#15107 Large 24/case  $39.23 qty
Hot Pack
Instant heat for any number of emergencies
#15200 Each  $1.99 qty
Cold Spray
Fast relief from sprains and strains
#12510 4oz/bottle  $5.95 qty
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