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Indigestion & Heartburn

When you're uncomfortable, it's hard to concentrate on work. Distraction from stomach discomfort can lead to mistakes and injuries. Antacid tablets provide relief from heartburn and indigestion that cause stomach pain.
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Antacid Tablets
Fast relief of indegestion and upset stomach
#13310 100/box  $6.54 qty
#13311 250/box  $12.44 qty
Alka-Seltzer Original
Original formula for fast relief
#13470 36/box  $10.49 qty
Pepto Bismol Chewables
Original formula in a chewable tablet
#13475 48/box  $15.95 qty
Diamode Tablets
Controls the symptoms of diarrhea
#13476 50/box  $17.46 qty
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