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Name Brand Medications

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Advil Tablets
Compare to Motrin / Ibuprofen
#13410 100/box  $24.56 qty
Bayer Aspirin
Genuine Bayer Aspirin for fast, safe pain relief
#13415 100/bx  $21.62 qty
Motrin IB Caplets
200 mg ibuprofen tablets for fast pain relief
#13413 100/box  $22.45 qty
Tylenol Extra Strength
Fast relief for aches and pains.
#13418 100/box  $26.85 qty
Aleve Caplets
Long lasting, all day pain reliever.
#13419 50/bx  $24.56 qty
Alka-Seltzer Original
Original formula for fast relief
#13470 36/box  $10.49 qty
Pepto Bismol Chewables
Original formula in a chewable tablet
#13475 48/box  $15.95 qty
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