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Trauma / Medical Kits

Disasters can produce injuries that typical first aid kits can't handle. For serious injuries, first responders need additional medical supplies in portable trauma kits so they can get to and treat victims who can't be moved.
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First Aid Fanny Pack
Portable first aid kit equipped to handle minor and major medical emergencies
#11400 Each  $26.47 qty
First Responder Kit II
Grab and Go Bag - For a range of medical emergencies
#11202 Each  $137.76 qty
Rescue One First Aid Kit (sc)
Comprehensive first aid kit in hard plastic case
#11220 Each  $139.00 qty
S.T.A.R.T. 2 Trauma Kit (sc)
217-piece triage and medical emergency response unit
#11210 Each  $189.90 qty
First Voice Emergency Instruction Device
Bi-lingual voice instruction for first aid care
#26283 Each  $299.00$229.00 (Sale) qty
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