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Triple Water Barrel Tower (sc)

6' 8" x 24.5" x 36.5", Each
Price $525.00


Water is essential for disaster survival, but following a disaster, water treatment
facilities may be disabled. Water for cooking, sanitation, hygiene and drinking may
not be accessible.

The Triple Water Barrel Tower is designed to vertically hold 3 blue 55 Gallon Barrels. The 3
barrels are connected with specially designed plumbing and venting system that allows
the three barrels to function as one. This unit will hold and store over 160 gallons of
water that you know is clean and ready to use. The towers heavy-duty steel construction
is easy to assemble. It safely stores the barrels vertically which frees up valuable floor
space and when you need to rotate or use the water from the barrels…it is as easy as
turning on a faucet.

You can’t live without water…Barrel Tower makes storing it easy.

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