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Shelter, Sleeping & Cooking

Shelter and warmth are essential needs in a disaster. Food and clean water are also critical. Sleep is critical for rational thinking, renewing energy required to perform survival functions, healing disaster-related injuries, and relieving stress.
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All-Purpose Folding Cot (sc)
Heavy-duty construction, military standards
#26380 Open: 75.5" x 27"
Folded: 39" x 26.5"  
$375.00 qty
Space / Solar Blanket
Life-saving mylar blanket
#26100 Each  $1.65$1.50 (Sale) qty
Fire & Shock Blanket With Case
Fire retardant blanket that's warm and durable
#26105 Each  $74.21 qty
Wool Blanket
Durable, warm wool blanket
#26110 Each  $23.00 qty
Emergency Poncho - Adult Size
Portable, packable rain gear
#27210 Each  $1.59 qty
Privacy Shelter (sc)
Compact, portable, easy to erect
#27215 Each  $63.60 qty
Vinyl Tarp (sc)
Lightweight, waterproof tarps in three handy sizes
#25420 8' x 12'  $12.95 qty
#25423 18'x 24'  $34.50 qty
3-way Can Opener
For cans, bottles, and eating!
#25305 $2.39 qty
Germicidal Emergency Water Tablets
Disinfects up to 25 quarts of water
#24305 Each  $10.56 qty
Waterproof Matches
Safe, economical and dependable
#23310 Each  $1.39 qty
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