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Emergency Lighting

Electricity may become disrupted by storms or disasters. Flashlights and other emergency lighting help with evacuation efforts, search and rescue, and facilitate safe movement and comfort throughout the emergency.
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Lightsticks 12 Hour
Safe, economical emergency lighting
#23200 Each  $1.29$1.45 (Sale) qty
High Intensity Lightsticks
High intensity signal lighting
#23205 Each  $1.75 qty
Hand Crank Lantern
Eight functions make this much more than a light
#23155 Each  $49.95 qty
Hand Crank Flashlight, Radio, Siren & Cell Charger
All in one multifunction emergency flashlight
#23156 Each  $15.95 qty
3-LED Hand Crank Flashlight w/Compass & Siren
Palm-sized, waterproof emergency flashlight
#23157 Each  $12.68 qty
AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight
Popular product! Emergency information and lighting in one renewable-energy unit
#22205 Each  $34.96 qty
Industrial Flashlight "AA Cell"
Compact, heavy duty AA battery flashlight
#23101 Each  $2.99 qty
Personal Flashlight "D Cell"
Durable, bright flashlight
#23100 Each  $2.99$1.95 (Sale) qty
Flashlight Lg w/6 Volt Battery
Very bright and durable light source
#23105 Each  $11.62 qty
Pelican Alligator Flashlight
Versatile, bright clip on light
#23152 Each  $39.87 qty
Pelican Mitylite Flashlight
Small, yet bright enough to cut through smoke
#23154 Each  $42.38 qty
Long-life and disposable for convenience
#14410 Each  $2.65 qty
Waterproof Matches
Safe, economical and dependable
#23310 Each  $1.39 qty
Super Bright LED Metal Flashlight
14 LED's make this extremely bright and energy efficient
#23102 Each  $4.95 qty
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