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In a disaster, communication is critical to directing an effective emergency response and saving lives. Emergency communication devices include two-way radios, weather radios, megaphones and signaling devices like whistles and signs.
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AM/FM Mini Radio
Compact radio keeps you informed during emergencies
#22000 Each  $11.85 qty
AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio with Flashlight
Popular product! Emergency information and lighting in one renewable-energy unit
#22205 Each  $34.96 qty
Voyager Solar Hand Crank Radio w/Alert
Versatile radio and emergency light with six power options
#22011 Each  $69.95 qty
Solar Hand Crank Radio w/Cell Charger
Compact, fail-proof radio with cell phone charger
#22012 Each  $41.70 qty
Digital Hand Crank Radio
Streamlined upgrade with even more functions
#22013 Each  $97.75 qty
Hand Crank Radio NOAA Weather
Petite and economical
#22015 Each  $19.95 qty
Solar Hand Crank Radio NOAA
2-way powered emergency radio
#22016 Each  $21.99 qty
Pocket Radio, Digital Display
Sleek, portable radio
#22019 Each  $9.95 qty
Motorola CLS 1110 2-Way Radio
Affordable, business class , two-way communication for everyday and emergency use
#22005 Each  $212.13 qty
Champion 4 Watt Megaphone (sc)
Be heard over a wide area
#22124 Each  $42.38 qty
Champion 12 Watt Megaphone (sc)
Deliver information and instructions from 1,000 yards away
#22125 Each  $127.85 qty
Emergency Alarm Station (sc)
Compact, cost-effective alarm system
#22127 5" x 4" x 10"  $109.85 qty
14" Stop Sign With Handle
Helps maintain safe, orderly evacuations
#36411 Each  $21.17 qty
Metal Signal Whistle
Durable and loud
#22300 Each  $1.69 qty
Portable Rechargeable Battery Pack
contains back-up hand crank generator
#22021   $45.57 qty
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