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Search & Rescue

When emergencies strike, employees can become trapped or lost inside damaged buildings. Search & Rescue teams are trained to locate missing workers, provide emergency first aid, and rescue people from dangerous situations.
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Search & Rescue Backpack Kit (sc)
In a disaster, you become the first responder. This kit equips you to act fast to save lives.
#21115 Each  $99.98 qty
Triage Tag
Highly visible triage identification
#27450 Each  $3.29 qty
Caution Tape
Bright yellow, attention-grabbing barrier tape
#25415 3" X 200'  $11.62 qty
Pelican Alligator Flashlight
Versatile, bright clip on light
#23152 Each  $39.87 qty
Duct Tape
Strong holding utility tape
#25410 2" x 55 yards  $7.41 qty
24" Pry Bar
Heavy-duty construction for prying and moving debris
#25115 Each  $10.56 qty
Utility Rope
Strong, lightweight and highly visible
#25405 50' X 3/8"  $17.98 qty
Fire Escape Ladder (sc)
Essential fire safety equipment for every home and office
#26405 2 Story  $84.82 qty
#26406 3 Story  $149.00 qty
Bolt Cutters
An essential search and rescue and disaster response tool
#25127 Each  $45.57 qty
Folding 6 in 1 Survival Shovel
One tool, six survival functions
#25325 Each  $34.33 qty
Camp Axe
Essential outdoor survival tool
#25320 Each  $11.62 qty
Essential search and rescue tool
#25110 Each  $10.56 qty
Emergency Response Team Vest
Instant identification for Emergency Response Team members
#31185 Each  $6.90 qty
Work Gloves
Protects your hands
#33510 Pair  $5.25 qty
Hard Hat
Strong, lightweight and comfortable head protection
#31510 Yellow, Each  $12.21 qty
#31511 White, Each  $12.21 qty
Metal Signal Whistle
Durable and loud
#22300 Each  $1.69 qty
Particle and Dust Mask
Perfect for pollen, cleaning, and other small particles
#37110 50/box  $7.37 qty
Plastic Backboard (sc)
Strong, lightweight spineboard
#26375 72" x 16" with pins  $299.95 qty
#26396 72" x 16" without pins  $279.85 qty
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