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Office Emergency Cabinet (sc)

28" x 19" x 6.5"
Price $370.77


Emergencies strike anytime, anywhere. Is your office prepared to handle one during working hours?

Even small offices need to have enough emergency supplies on hand to care for every employee during major or minor disasters. The Office EQ Cabinet is stocked with crucial emergency supplies for 10 to 20 workers. The durable, wall-mountable cabinet contains first aid and trauma supplies, evacuation tools, emergency lighting, food and water, warmth, and a guide for emergency procedures. An inventory list makes it easy to keep this emergency response cabinet in ready order. For multiple units, SafetyMax will imprint cabinets with your company logo and customize the contents to meet your specific needs.

Disasters happen suddenly and require immediate response. Make sure your small office is prepared. Order the Office EQ Cabinet now, or contact one of our emergency preparedness consultants about creating a custom cabinet.


6 3600 Calorie Food Bars
36 Water Packs

Emergency Lighting
10 Lightsticks
4 Small Flashlights
8 D-cell Batteries

Evacuation and Tools
1 AM/FM Radio
2 AAA Batteries
2 Whistles
1 Roll of Duct Tape
4 Dust Masks
1 Channel Locks
1 Multihead Screwdriver
2pr Work Gloves
2pr Splash Goggles

First Aid/Trauma Supplies
1 14 Piece First Aid Kit
1 Roll 1/2" Adhesive Tape
2 Packets Hydrocortisone Cream
5 Packets Aspirin
5 Packets Xtra-Strength Non-Aspirin
1 CPR Mask
2 Packets Burn Gel
1 1oz Eye Wash
1 3" Ace Bandage
1 Pair Bandage Scissors
1 Pair Kit Tweezers
4 Triage Tags

Environmental Supplies
5 Biohazard Bags
10 Garbage Bags

6 Space Blankets
1 Emergency Guide
1 Inventory List
1 Wall-Mount Cabinet
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