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Training Rewards

Outfit and reward your volunteer first responders with these useful emergency products
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First Aid Fanny Pack
Portable first aid kit equipped to handle minor and major medical emergencies
#11400 Each  $26.47 qty
37 Piece First Aid Kit
Compact, all-in-one first aid and emergency kit
#11436 Each  $3.85 qty
CPR Key Chain with Gloves
Compact, always handy CPR mask and gloves kit
#33105 Each  $10.56 qty
CPR Mini Key Chain
Compact, inexpensive, portable protection
#33107 Each  $3.45 qty
CPR Microshield With Gloves
CPR personal protection kit
#33110 Each  $17.85 qty
CPR Micromask With Gloves and Case
Better protection for CPR rescuers
#33115 Each  $16.92 qty
Emergency Team Hard Hat Kit
Our best seller! All-around emergency response essentials packed in a protective hard hat.
#21155 Each  $42.67$29.95 (Sale) qty
Emergency Team Fanny Pack
React to emergencies on a moment's notice with the Emergency Team Fanny Pack.
#21156 Each  $26.38 qty
Emergency Team Essentials Kit
Essential tools for an effective workplace evacuation.
#21157 Each  $39.00 qty
Personal Emergency "Pouch" Kit
Clip it on and take it anywhere
#21120 Each  $10.56 qty
Personal Survival Kit
Essential 72-hour "grab and go" kit for individual survival. Customize this kit!!
#21105 Each  $21.95$10.95 (Sale) qty
ERT Placard w/Cubicle Mount
Another version of our ERT Placard with mounting hardware
#36412 5" x 7"  $6.31 qty
Emergency Response Team Vest
Instant identification for Emergency Response Team members
#31185 Each  $6.90 qty
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