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Search and rescue teams locate trapped and injured employees. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and other disasters can necessitate their deployment. To be effective, S&R teams need extrication tools, first aid supplies, and communication equipment.
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Search & Rescue Backpack Kit (sc)
In a disaster, you become the first responder. This kit equips you to act fast to save lives.
#21115 Each  $99.98 qty
Ready to Roll Search & Rescue / Survival Kit (sc)
The ultimate disaster survival kit
#21255 Each  $549.00 qty
Professional Search & Rescue Team Kit (sc)
Equips a team of four professionally trained rescuers
#21250 Each  $769.00 qty
Emergency Storage Cabinet 100, Blk (sc)
Deluxe, one-stop supply cabinet for all emergency needs
#21200 42"H x 36" W x 18"D  $1,795.00 qty
Custom Emergency Kits (sc)
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