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Your emergency response team responds to office emergencies, but your other employees need to be prepared to survive, too. Employee survival kits provide individuals with emergency food, water, and other survival essentials.
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Emergency Desk Kit - The Basics
When an emergency strikes, make sure your employees have essential supplies within armís reach. Add your logo or customize!
#21116 Each  $17.95 qty
Emergency Desk Kit - Extended Stay
For immediate and extended emergencies, this kit will aid your team during a crisis and help them get home safely.
#21117 Each  $19.95 qty
Emergency Desk Kit - The Communicator
Includes a hand cranked radio, flashlight & cell phone charger. Smart choice!
#21118 Each  $37.70 qty
The Associate Emergency Backpack Kit
All of the essentials plus room for personal items. This kit includes a hand cranked radio, flashlight & cell charger. Order as is or customize content or logo imprinting to meet your needs.
#21119 Each  $59.88 qty
Clear Solution Emergency Kit
Convenient and Portable
#21320 Each  $19.95 qty
Comfort Emergency Kit
Great Mini Kit
#21318 Each  $9.95 qty
Personal Survival Kit
Essential 72-hour "grab and go" kit for individual survival. Customize this kit!!
#21105 Each  $21.95$10.95 (Sale) qty
Survival Fanny Pack
Classic grab-and-go personal survival kit
#21151 Each  $19.95 qty
Survival Hard Hat Kit
Employee evacuation and basic survival kit
#21150 Each  $36.70 qty
Custom Emergency Kits (sc)
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