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Cold & Sinus

Decongestant tablets and cough drops provide non-drowsy relief for cold and sinus symptoms. Keeping workers comfortable helps prevent lost days of work.
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Cold Relief Tablets
Advanced formula for cough and cold relief
#13200 100/box  $10.66 qty
#13201 250/box  $19.23 qty
DayQuil Severe Cold & Flu Caplets
temporarily relieves common cold/flu symptoms
#13202 50/box  $25.49 qty
Allergy Relief Tablets
Non drowsy formula for fast relief from sinus pain
#13210 100/box  $8.52 qty
#13211 250/box  $17.09 qty
Loradamed Tablets
Compare to Claritin. Powerful, 24 hour, non-drowsy allergy relief.
#13212 50/box  $17.29 qty
Cough Drops
Temporary relief of cold related coughs
#13220 50/box  $4.23 qty
#13221 100/box  $7.92 qty
Cold-Eeze Lozenges
Prevents colds before they strike
#13222 25/box  $10.87 qty
Sore Throat Relief Lozenges
Soothing lozenges for sore throat relief
#13230 18/box  $3.75 qty
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