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Defibtech Lifeline AED, Semi Auto

Price $1,349.00


In a cardiac crisis, you need a comprehensive, easy to use AED solution. The LIFELINE AED semi-automatic Defibrillator includes all of the critical features necessary to provide the most advanced treatment in a cardiac event while being so simple to use that even non-medical lay people can successfully use.
Brilliant Design
With its bright yellow and black coloring and attractive, sleek curves, the non-intimidating Lifeline AED invites prominent display anywhere.
Latest Technology
The biphasic defibrillation we use is extremely effective at resuscitating patients in ventricular fibrillation - the most common form of Sudden Cardiac Arrest -on the first shock.
Easy to Use
The Lifeline AED is designed for speed and simplicity. Built to the demanding standards of professional and emergency personnel while at the same time, simple enough for non-medical users. Lightweight, Durable At just 4.2 pounds a child could carry it. Plus, the Lifeline AED is tested to US Military "drop and shock" specifications.
Brand New Defibtech Lifeline Semiautomatic AED 8 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 5-Year Battery Pack (includes 9v Lithium Battery) Adult Electrode Pads User Manual Quick Reference Card
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Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, LIFELINE AED can make the difference.

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