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In cardiac events, seconds count. It's important for AEDs to be maintained in a state of readiness and in a clearly marked, accessible location. Responder safety equipment should be supplied nearby, too.
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AED Wall Mounted Cabinet (sc)
Keeps your AED visible and ready for use
#75110 w/ Alarm  $226.55 qty
#75111 w/ Alarm & Strobe  $265.17 qty
"AED" Stand Out Sign
Highly visible signs for AED stations
#36116 6" x 5"  $15.86$11.95 (Sale) qty
AED Fast Response Kit
For effective AED use
#27414 Each  $11.62$8.95 (Sale) qty
AED Inspection Tag
Durable, high-quality inspection tags
#36117 Each  $4.19 qty
First Voice Emergency Instruction Device
Bi-lingual voice instruction for first aid care
#26283 Each  $264.16$229.00 (Sale) qty
Philips FRx Replacement AED Pads
AED electrode pads for all ages
#26276 1 set  $57.68 qty
Philips Onsite & FRx AED Replacement Battery
Replacement battery for Philips HeartStart FRx and Onsite defibrillators/AEDs
#26272 Each  $174.07 qty
Philips Onsite Replacement AED Pads
Replacement pads for the Philips HeartStart Defibrillator
#26274 1 Set Adult Pads  $69.01 qty
#26275 1 Set Infant/ Child Pads  $108.00 qty
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