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Emergency Response Team Leader Kit (sc)

Price $239.00


In a workplace emergency, quick response is the best way to minimize injury. Our Emergency Response Team Leader Kit will let you get there fast, organized, and ready to lead. This mobile kit is packed with 34 essentials to help you secure the scene and direct first aid and rescue operations. It's all into an over-sized backpack with wheels and an extendable handle.

Emergencies happen. You can't always predict them, but you can be prepared to handle them effectively. Order your Emergency Team Leader Kit today, or contact one of our representatives to learn how we can customize this kit to your company's needs.


1 Extra Large Backpack

Personal Protection Equipment
1 Hard Hat, White
1 Chemical Goggles Vented Anti Fog
1 Pair Knee Pads XL
1 Flat-fold N95 Dust Mask
1 Pair Heavy Duty Work Gloves
1 Safety Vest P HI7 w/ Clear Legend

Emergency Lighting
1 Flashlight (uses "D" size batteries)
1 Alkaline D size Batteries (Pair)
2 Light Sticks -- 12-Hour Green
1 Light Stick (Yellow) 30-Minute High-Intensity

Emergency Communication Equipment
1 Mighty Mega Mite Bull Horn
1 “C” Size Batteries (Pr)
1 Whistle
1 Distress Banner (15”x36”) with Poly Bag
1 The Sound Horn
1 AM/FM Radio w/ Battery & Light
1 Lumber Crayon
1 Grease Pencil
1 Chalk

Evacuation/Search and Rescue Tools
1 Red “Danger” Caution Tape 3”x 300 ft.
1 Barricade (Caution) Tape 300 ft.
1 14-in-1 Pocket Tool
1 Utility knife
1 Duct Tape 60-yards x 2-inches
1 Clipboard
1 Golf Pencil
1 Single Sheet Protector
1 15” Pry Bar
1 White Rope 1/4 x 50” Nylon
1 10" Adjustable Wrench

Comfort and Safety Supplies
1 21-oz. Water Bottle
1 Adult Poncho
2 Mayday Large Solar Blankets 84” x 52”

First Aid Kit Contains:
1 Blood Stopper Trauma Dressing
2 1-inch x 10-yards Surgical Tape
4 Single Pair of Nitrile Gloves
2 Ice Pak (Small) 5" x 6"
1 5" x 9" Combine Dressing Surgical
1 Hydrogen Peroxide 2oz. Bottle
4 3" x 3" Sterile Gauze Pads
3 4" x 4" Sterile Gauze Pads
1 64-page First Aid Guide
1 CPR Mouthpiece Pro Valve

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