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Mobile Assembly Area Evacuation Kit (sc)

Price $599.00


The nature of the emergency you face requires more than an evacuation. You must relocate a diverse group of people some distance away from the building. How will you get them there? How will you keep them safe and comfortable for a prolonged evacuation?

The Mobile Evacuation Kit is stocked with evacuee comfort, nutrition and hygiene items as well as a full First Responder Medical Kit. Better yet, the wheeled 45-gallon container is designed for single person transport.

The emergency doesn't end with evacuation. Protect your employees' safety and health throughout the ordeal. Order your Mobile Evacuation Kit today, or contact one of our emergency response consultants to see how we can customize this kit to accommodate the needs of your facility.


1 45-Gallon Container with Wheels
1 First Responder Medical Kit (see item for contents and description)
2 Solar Radio/Flashlights
5 D-Cell Flashlights
10 D-Cell Batteries
20 12-Hour Lightsticks
10 Solar Space Blankets
1 Wool Blanket
10 Adult Ponchos
5 Pairs Women's Walking Shoes
24 Energy Bars
1 Case of Aqua Blox (27 per case)
1 Folding Porta-Potty
2 2-Packs of Toilet Tissue
1 Box PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes
1 24" Pry Bar 1 5 Piece Tool Set
1 14-in-1 Pocket Tool
1 Pair of Bolt Cutters
1 Camp Axe
5 Pairs of Work Gloves
1 Roll of Duct Tape
1 Roll of "Caution" Tape
1 Box Dust Masks(50 ct)
2 Clip Boards
2 8 1/2" x 11" Note Pads
2 Retractable Pens
1 Inventory Sheet
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