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Rescue One First Aid Kit (sc)

Price $139.00


Professional emergency responders can't get there fast enough for some medical emergencies, but EMS is more than you need for other emergencies.

Whether you're providing medical care until the pros arrive or cleaning and covering a minor injury, the Rescue One First Aid Kit is has the first aid supplies you'll need. Three levels of storage keep the array of medical response essentials organized and easy to find. The included first aid guide makes the kit accessible to all employees.

Prompt care saves lives. Make sure you're equipped to provide it. SafetyMax will customize larger orders for your specific workplace needs. Order your Rescue One First Aid Kit today, or contact a customer care representative for more information on specialized kits.


1 EMS Box
1 First Aid Booklet
2 Instant Ice Packs
1 2” ACE Bandage
1 3” ACE Bandage
1 Bandage Scissors
4 Pair Latex Gloves
5 2”x2” Gauze Pads
5 3”x3” Gauze Pads
6 4”x4” Gauze Pads
12 Triple Antibiotics
4 Eye Pads
12 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Tweezers
1 Thermometer
1 Tissue Pack
1 Eye Wash
4 Small Rolls Tape
2 Blood Stoppers
1 Wire Splint
1 Box Butterfly Bandages
4 Tongue Depressors
1 CPR Mouthpiece
4 Burn Free Dressings
1 Box Patch Bandages
2 Triangular Bandages
1 Box 1”x3” Bandages
2 4”x4” Burn Free
2 Instant Ice Packs
2 2”x6 yd Gauze Rolls
1 Dr’s Penlight
4 5”x9” Combine Dressing Bandages