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Professional Search & Rescue Team Kit (sc)

Price $769.00


Search and Rescue has several levels. In a wide-spread disaster, trained responders face heavily damaged and wide ranging areas. This effort requires more than light search and rescue equipment.

Because you should never conduct search and rescue operations alone, our Professional Search and Team Kit provides supplies and equipment for a team of up to four responders. Personal protection gear, tools for light and heavy duty, communication equipment, and survival supplies are packed into a 45-gallon wheeled container.

A major disaster calls for a major response. With this kit, your team can keep up the effort until the job is done. Be ready for the call; order the Professional Search and Rescue Team Kit now, or contact one of our representatives for more information.


1 45-Gallon Wheeled Container

Personal Protection:
4 Hard Hats
4 Eye Goggles
4 Safety Vests
4 Whistles
6 12-hour Lightsticks
4 High-Intensity Lightsticks
12 Pairs Work gloves
12 Dust Masks
4 Flashlights w/ 20yr. batteries
4 Grease Markers

Entry & Debris Removal Tools
1 17" Shovel (flat head)
1 Folding Shovel
1 Gl Pick Mattox
1 Hack Saw w/ Blades
2 50'' Nylon Rope
1 24" Bolt Cutter
1 4-lb. Fireman Axe
1 8-ton Hydraulic Jack
2 Wrecking Bars (24" & 30")
1 Steel Pulley (2000 lb. test)

Emergency Hand Tools:
1 Pipe Wrench
1 Screwdriver Set (6pc)
1 Claw Hammer
1 Short Handle Axe
1 Survival Knife Kit -includes: sharpening stone, compass, sheath, bottle opener, matches
1 10" Adjustable Wrench
1 5-piece Plier Set
1 Jab Saw
1 Short Sledge Hammer
1 Gas & Water Shut-Off Tool

1 AM/FM Solar Radio
1 Nylon Tool Bag
1 3-way Can Opener
5 Survival Blankets
2 Boxes of Waterproof Matches
1 16'' x 24'' Tarp
5 Slow-Burn Candles
2 Rolls of Caution Tape
5 Paramedic Blankets
50 Water Purification Tablets
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