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Emergency Team Hard Hat Kit

Price $42.67$29.95 (Sale)


Emergencies strike fast, and response team members must act quickly. But emergencies create hazards for response team members. You risk injury from power failure and falling objects during search and rescue; and from bodily fluids while performing first aid.

That's why our ERT Hard Hat Kit is more than a bump-cap. This highly-visible, yellow ANSI-approved hard hat will protect your head from impact and penetration from falling objects. Tucked inside are the tools you need for first aid, evacuation, and search and rescue.

You can't help others if you get injured. Protect yourself and help your co-workers survive an emergency with our Emergency Response Team Hard Hat Kit. Order yours today!


1 Hard Hat (ANSI Approved) Containing:
1 Safety Vest
1 Whistle

3-Zipper Fanny Pack Containing:
1 Flashlight
2 Batteries
1 Light Stick
1 Retractable Pen
1 3” x 5” "Post-It” Note Pad

1 First Aid Kit Containing:
4 3x3” Gauze Pads
1 2” Roller Gauze
4 Plastic Bandages
2 Antibiotic Ointment Packets
2 Antiseptic Wipes
1 Pair of Medical Gloves (Personal Protection)
1 CPR Mask (Personal Protection)
1 First Aid Guide

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