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Eye Care

Workplace fumes and accidental splashes can irritate eyes. Treatment may range from a soothing eye drop to an emergency eye wash to remove harmful substances.
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Thera-Tears Lubricant Eye Drops
Soothes tired sore eyes
#16310 4/pack  $3.16 qty
#16312 32/box  $18.16 qty
Eye Drops
Fast acting relief for red or sore eyes
#16300 1/2oz/bottle  $3.95 qty
Eye Wash Solution
Sterile, isotonic solution for flushing the eyes
#16100 1oz/bottle  $2.55 qty
#16105 4oz/bottle  $2.95 qty
Eye & Skin Solution
Sterile, isotonic flushing solution
#16200 8oz/bottle  $5.30 qty
#16210 16oz/short, wide bottle  $8.83 qty
#16107 32oz/bottle  $12.87 qty
Eye Cups
Fill with Eye Wash Solution for flushing eyes
#16400 6/vial  $2.81 qty
Eye & Skin Wash Station
Simple, economical and easy to use
#16505 Each  $39.95$29.95 (Sale) qty
15 Minute Emergency Eye Wash Station (sc)
Rapidly removes irritants from the eyes
#16500 Each  $329.85 qty
Eye Wash-Water Additive
Concentrated liquid water preservative for eyewash stations
#16110 8oz/bottle  $10.66 qty
Lens & Screen Wipes
Quick drying eye glass and screen cleaner
#31400 120/box  $10.15 qty
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