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Motorola CLS 1110 2-Way Radio

Price $212.13


Real-time communication is critical in emergency situations where conditions change rapidly. When you need to communicate with emergency response teams, you need a reliable, wireless tool.

Motorola's CLS 1110 2-Way Radios can be cloned to provide immediate communications between all emergency response teams. With a 12-hour battery life and a range of up to five miles, this 2-way radio is one of the most important tools for coordinating a safe, effective emergency response.

Provide your ERTs with the critical information they need. Contact one of our emergency response consultants today to design an emergency communications solution for your business.


1 Watt of power delivers up to 5 mile range
Easy single channel operation
56 UHF business exclusive frequencies
121 Interference Eliminator Codes to help filter out unwanted chatter
(83 digital and 38 analog)
Keypad Lockout
Call Tones
Drop-in charger capabilities
Advanced voice activation (VOX) (optional accessory required)
Up to 10 hours of battery life
Drop-in charger capabilities
Up to 12 hour battery life
LCD Display
Battery Gauge
Cloning capabilities (with optional accessory)
AAA compatibility (with optional accessory)
Dual pin accessory connection
Easy programming
4.1"H x 2"W x 1.1"D
Only 4.5 ounces with battery!
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