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Hand Crank Flashlight, Radio, Siren & Cell Charger

Price $21.17


Batteries die. Thatís why you need an emergency light source that doesnít rely on them.

Our 5 LED Hand Crank Flashlight stores easily in small spaces and delivers super bright light where you need it, when you need it. Thereís even a built-in AM/FM radio with telescoping antenna, and a siren. Use all five LEDs for super bright light, or select one LED for gentler lighting. One minute of hand cranking gives you 10-30 minutes of use. High-impact plastic casing makes this multifunction flashlight a durable emergency essential. Stash one in your auto glove box, desk drawer, briefcase or purse. Includes 90-day manufacturer warranty.

Stop worrying about batteries. With the 5 LED Hand Crank Flashlight, youíll have emergency light and information when you need it. Order several for yourself and loved ones, too.

In the event of a disaster, FEMA recommends preparing to survive without aid for at least three days. Our personal survival kit provides 72-hours of nutrition and water in a compact, portable grab-and-go bag.
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