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Hand Crank Lantern

Price $36.60


Whether you’re responding to a disaster or enjoying a camping vacation, economies of scale are important. There’s only so much you can carry. Everything you pack should perform multiple functions.

Our Hand Crank Lantern provides eight different functions for your safety and comfort -- without the need for electricity or batteries. Cranking the handle powers the internal dynamo to give you:
• 12-LED camping lantern
• 3-LED flashlight
• Siren with flashing red light
• Night light
• AM/FM Radio
• Cell phone charger (optional adapter required)
• Mosquito repellant
• Compass

This multitasking wonder provides the emergency communications, signaling, lighting, direction finding and basic comfort that are critical to surviving a disaster -- all in one 1.2 pound unit. Why wait? Order now!
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