AED Fast Response Kit

An AED is only one component for saving the life of a person in cardiac arrest. You must also administer CPR and prepare the victim to receive the AED shock.

Our AED Fast Response Kit provides you with the tools you need to expose and prepare the chest and safely perform CPR. Kit includes:
1 Paramedic Shears
1 Plastic Razor
1 CPR Filter Shield Barrier
1 Medical Gloves
1 Plastic baggie (6" x 8 ")

Don't let a life hang on the line while you gather equipment. Be prepared for cardiac arrest emergencies at all times with the AED Fast Response Kit. Order now!

See our full line of AEDs hereor contact one of our Emergency Preparedness Consultants to discuss your company's needs. SafetyMax also provides on-site AED and CPR training. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click above for LiveChat.
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