Emergency Team Essentials Kit

Floods, fires, chemical spills. Just three of dozens of reasons you might be called on to get co-workers out of the building fast.

An effective evacuation is a rapid evacuation. Our red, grab-and-go Emergency Team Essentials Fanny Pack conveniently holds everything you need to get your co-workers' attention and guide them out of the building. Once everyone is safely out, use the pack's 14-piece first aid kit to patch-up minor injuries.

Smoke and toxic gases spread quickly. In an emergency, you won't have time to hunt for evacuation tools. Be prepared to react instantly with our Emergency Team Essentials Kit. Order your kit now!


1 3-Zipper Fanny Pack
1 Emergency Response Team Vest
1 Emergency Response Team Clipboard & Checklist
1 Retractable Pen
1 Self Stick Note Pad 3" x 5"
1 14-piece First Aid Kit
1 CPR Filter Shield Barrier
1 First Aid Guide
1 Flashlight with 2 AA Batteries
1 Whistle
1 12-Hour Lightstick
#21157 Each  $31.77 qty
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