16 Unit Unitized First Aid Kit - Full

Injuries can happen when you're on the go. Our unitized first aid kits are specially designed for cars and boats, where size matters. Supplies are uniformly packaged to create the most organized first aid kit you've ever owned. Plastic wrapping keeps everything hygienic, and unitized packaging makes refilling this kit easy. The tough, plastic case has a rubber gasket in the lid to create a tight, water-resistant seal. Our 16-piece Unitized First Aid Kit includes:

2 1" Plastic Strip Bandages, 16 per box
1 3/4" Plastic Strip Bandages, 16 per box
1 Elastic Knuckle Bandage, 8 per box
1 4" Compress Bandage, 1 per box
1 Triangular Bandage, 1 per box

Tapes, Wraps, & Gauze
1 1/2" Adhesive Tape, 2 per box
1 3" Gauze Pads, 4 per box

Antiseptics & Ointments
1 Alcohol Pad, 10 per box
1 Iodine Wipes, 10 per box
1 Burn Cream, 6 per box

Other First Aid
2 Ice Packs, 1 per box

Safety Products
1 Disposable Medical Gloves, 1 per box

Be ready for first aid emergencies on the road and on the water. Order your 16 Unit Unitized First Aid Kit today.

Commuters face hazards. The more you drive, the greater your chances are of being stranded by bad weather or a blow-out. Having the right supplies in your vehicle will help you get through a road emergency. Check out our Auto Kits page to learn more.
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