First Aid Fanny Pack

Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere. Ready access to first aid supplies keeps minor hurts from becoming major problems.

Our compact first aid fanny pack in soothing blue tucks into a desk drawer, a car trunk, or straps around your waist when you're on the go. It's packed with a variety of bandages and supplies to handle minor and major injuries. A first aid guide helps refresh your memory when if falters under stressful conditions.

Medical emergencies happen every day. Don't get caught off-guard; order your First Aid Fanny Pack today.


4 Plastic Strips 1"
1 Triangular Bandage

Tapes, Wraps, & Gauze
1 Ace Bandage 3"
1 Adhesive Tape 1/2"
4 Gauze Pads 3" X 3"
4 Gauze Pads 4" X 4"
2 Roller Gauze 3"
2 ABD Pads 5" X 9"
2 Large Patch Bandages

Antiseptics & Ointments
2 Alcohol Swabs
2 Antiseptic Swabs

Safety Products
1 Pair Latex Gloves
1 CPR Face shield
1 Face Mask W/Splash Visor

Other First Aid
1 Ice Pack (Small)
1 Scissors Kit
1 First Aid Guide
#11400 Each  $26.47 qty
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