AED Wall Mounted Cabinet (sc)

Rapid use of an AED during a heart attack can save lives. Keeping your office AED visible and easily accessible is critical for an effective response to a cardiac emergency. The LifeStart 1400 Series AED cabinets are designed to hold a variety of makes and models, including Phillips, Zoll and Medtronic Physio-Control AEDs, as well as others. Cabinets are available with recessed and semi-recessed wall mounts. A Commander Alarm warning system is standard on all cabinets. An optional, top-mounted strobe light is available for an additional fee. Cabinets measure 17.5"x 17.5"x7".
*Shipping charges apply (sc).

Your employees are critical assets to your business. Protect them. Order AED Wall Mounted Cabinets for your office today.

Almost 80 percent of American workers have at least one chronic health condition. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Rapid response to a heart attack with an AED and CPR can save lives. Talk with one of our Emergency Response Consultants to learn about deploying AEDs in your business and training employees to perform CPR. Call 1-800-585-8506 or click above for LiveChat.
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