Search & Rescue Backpack Kit (sc)

Whether it's natural or man-made, a disaster overwhelms the response capabilities of professional emergency personnel. It may be hours or days before they arrive. In the meantime, people need help. Your help.

Get there fast and ready to take action with our Search and Rescue Backpack. This fast-access kit contains the equipment you need to take control and carry out rescue operations. This red, (MATERIAL, DURABILITY) pack includes personal protection gear, triage supplies, and essential tools.

When disaster strikes, you are the first responder. Are you ready? Order your Search and Rescue Backpack Kit now!


1 Hard Hat
1 Safety Goggles
1 Pair Leather Gloves
1 Safety Vest
1 Dust Mask
1 Whistle
1 Flashlight
1 Pair “Code Red” Batteries
1 Roll 300’ "Caution" Tape
1 Pry Bar
1 Folding Shovel
1 4-piece Screwdriver Set
1 12-piece Trauma Bandage Kit
2 Triage Tags
1 Grease Pen
1 Chalk
#21115 Each  $74.21 qty
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