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Classroom Lockdown Kit (sc)

Price $99.97


Schools are protective environments, but they aren't immune to emergencies or disasters. For an extended lockdown or any situation in which children must stay in place at school, you'll need emergency provisions and supplies for each child.

The Classroom Lockdown kit is designed to provide each child in the classroom with complete, hypoallergenic nutrition and water during events that force them to shelter in place at school. The kit includes communication equipment and sanitation supplies, and the sturdy packing barrel converts to an emergency toilet. For larger orders, SafetyMax will customize the kits with your school name and fill items to meet your specific needs.

Don't let an emergency catch your school unprepared. Contact one of our emergency preparedness consultants today to place your Classroom Lockdown Kit order.


3 3600 Cal Food Bars
30 Packs of Water

Emergency Communications
1 AM/FM Radio w/Batteries
1 Whistle

Comfort and Sanitation Supplies
1 Large Mylar Blanket
1 Portable Toilet
4 Rolls of Toilet Paper
2 Toilet Disinfectant
100 Moist Toweletts
4 Toilet Liners
1 Roll—Duct Tape 10 yds
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