Personal Survival Kit

When disaster strikes, professional emergency responders may not be able to reach you for up to three days. You're likely to be cut off from access to life essentials like water, food, warmth and shelter. Providing these necessities for yourself is critical to surviving the emergency.

Our Personal Survival Kit includes everything one person needs to survive for three days. It makes a perfect "grab and go" desk kit for office workers and provides an immediate resource in the car. The compact kit includes emergency food rations, water, first aid supplies, lighting, and other necessities.

Disasters strike without warning. Make sure you're ready to survive them. Order the Personal Survival Kit now, or contact one of our customer care representatives for information about customizing larger orders to meet your needs.


1 Red Nylon Zip Bag
6 Water Pouches
1 2400-Calorie Food Ration
1 Space Blanket
1 Flashlight "D" Cell (Batteries not included)
#21105 Each  $15.86$10.95 (Sale) qty
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