Emergency Food Bars (sc)

When a disaster strikes you could be trapped and without food for 72 hours or longer.  Typically, each person needs between 1800 and 2500 calories per day.  In a disaster situation, plan on 1200 calories each day, more if you are active. 

With these U.S. Coast Guard-approved emergency food bars, you will have important and delicious nutritional sustenance on hand when you need it. These food bars are available in three different sizes for one to three day provisions and break up into 400 calorie bars for easy deployment.   The bars are apple-cinnamon flavored, hypoallergenic and have a five-year shelf life. Be prepared for emergencies with a vital storage of these emergency food bars. 

For 400-calorie individual bars please visit our
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#24110 1200 Calorie 36/case  $113.25 qty
#24111 2400 Calorie 24/case  $123.55 qty
#24112 3600 Calorie 20/case  $128.24 qty
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