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SafetyMax Emergency Supply Service

Emergencies strike anytime, anywhere!

Are your offices offices prepared to handle one during working hours?
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Lack of Emergency Preparedness

History shows us that if a disaster hits during working hours, lives depend upon emergency preparation. Why are many companies unprepared?

  1. Old, outdated emergency supplies
  2. Missing products (no inventory process)
  3. Poor emergency response organization
  4. Lack proper training
  5. No Incident Command Systems

Emergency Disaster Cleanup Crew

Too Busy to prepare? There’s no excuse now!

SafetyMax Emergency Supply Service features:

  • Free evaluation of your current emergency supply program
  • On-site inspection and reorganization of all your emergency & disaster supplies
  • Report and recommendations on deficiencies and outdated supplies
  • Competitive replacement supply quote (if needed)
  • Update of all storage areas with essential emergency provisions
  • Document, track and monitor expiration dates
  • FREE training with most service programs

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Disasters happen without warning and require an immediate response. Make sure your office is prepared!
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