Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Since 1993, annual training on bloodborne pathogens has been required for all workplaces where an exposure to bloodborne pathogens could happen.

With heightened awareness of potential exposure to bloodborne diseases, today’s employees are highly motivated to learn the critical steps to protecting themselves. One of our most popular programs, this training will replace fear and misconceptions with hands-on, practical instruction.

This program teaches your employees how to calmly and effectively protect themselves and others from bloodborne pathogens. .

  • The Definition of Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Common Methods of Transmission
  • Overview of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and Hepatitis B
  • Methods of Protection Against Infection
  • Work Practices to Prevent Infection
  • Proper Clean-up Procedures for Contaminated Surfaces or Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures

Course Time: 1- 1.5 hours
Students Per Session: Varies

SafetyMax offers these advantages...
  • Onsite training at your facility
  • Professional instruction
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • Hands on practice
  • Low stress, confidence building classes
  • All training materials provided

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