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Pandemic Flu Kit

Price $5.95
Price $5.95
Price $4.95


There's always something going around. When a disease spreads widely and rapidly, it's considered a pandemic. All infections cause discomfort, but some, like flu, can become life-threatening.

Fight back against communicable disease with the Pandemic Flu Kit. This personal kit contains critical products that industry professionals have identified as the best defense against infection from germs and viruses.

You can stay healthy, even when those around you are sick. Order your Pandemic Flu Kit now. For large orders, contact one of our emergency preparedness consultants to learn how SafetyMax can customize the kits to your specifications.


1 No-Rinse Hand Sanitizer 4oz
2 P.A.W.s Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
2 Alcohol (Surface) Wipes
2 Disposable Clinical Thermometers
1 Pair Non-Latex Medical Gloves
1 N-95 Particulate Respirator Mask
Instruction Card
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