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Food and water are critical to disaster survival. FEMA recommends keeping a 3-day supply of food and water for each family member. Emergency nutrition bars deliver ready-to-eat, measured calories in long-storing, water-tight packages.
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Emergency Food Bars (sc)
Highly nutritional, great-tasting energy bars
#24110 1200 Calorie 36/case  $109.95 qty
#24111 2400 Calorie 24/case  $119.95 qty
#24112 3600 Calorie 20/case  $124.50 qty
Food Bars - 400 Calories 5yr/shelf (sc)
Great taste and convenient, durable packaging for emergency kits in office, auto, and home
#24105 Each  $2.25 qty
#24106 110/case  $159.95 qty
Emergency Purified Drinking Water (sc)
Clean drinking water in convenient, individual pouches
#24205 100/case  $20.95 qty
Germicidal Emergency Water Tablets
Disinfects up to 25 quarts of water
#24305 Each  $9.95 qty
Water Barrel Packages (sc)
Complete emergency water storage solution
#24312 55 Gallon, Each  $131.95 qty
#24310 30 Gallon, Each  $129.95 qty
Triple Water Barrel Tower (sc)
Long term emergency water storage
#24314 6' 8" x 24.5" x 36.5", Each  $525.00 qty
Collapsible Water Container (5 Gallon)
Emergency water storage and transport container
#24307 Each  $14.85 qty
Insta-Glucose Gel
Counteracts low blood sugar or insulin reactions
#13495 Each  $9.95 qty
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