2013 Hurricane Season Forecast: Active and Strong

Hurricane Fran threatening the Atlantic Coast

Hurricane Fran threatening the Atlantic Coast

According to Accuweather.com, the 2013 hurricane season will be active and  have multiple strong storms.  Measured over the past 150 years, the probability and impact of hurricanes fluctuate every 30-40 years.  During the 1970s and 1980s the risks of a hurricane making landfall in the US  were minimal.  However, ever since the late 1980s, hurricanes having been increasing in impact and frequency.

In order to prepare for a hurricane, or any other disaster, you must first assess the risk.  Briefly searching the internet for information about previous hurricanes in your area can help you determine their probability and impact.  Also, a hurricane can cause certain areas to flood, which become a secondary hazard as a result.  Therefore, it would be wise to search the internet for your area’s flood map.  These steps will help you to determine the risks that a hurricane will pose in your area.

A plan that takes into account emergency provisions, such as food and water, communications, first aid, and emergency lighting would be suitable for most hurricanes.  In your workplace, a 3-day supply of food and water would be a good start.  For the security or emergency response personnel of a high-rise building,  hand-held radios are an excellent means for emergency communication during the response phase of a hurricane disaster.  Having an emergency contact list that includes the names and phone numbers is simple and can assist in communicating with employees and clients before and after a hurricane.  A first aid cabinet for the office would consist of items such as aspirins, bandages, and ice packs .  Lastly, a wind up flashlight is excellent for disasters, because they do not require batteries in order to be used.

According to FEMA, after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 80% of affected companies that lacked an emergency plan failed.

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