First Aid Supply Programs

Money saving tips for businesses!

4 Shelf First Aid CabinetIf your company has outsourced their first aid supply program, you probably don’t pay too much attention to your first aid kits. After all, that’s the idea. You focus on more important things and let someone else worry about making sure the medicine cabinet is stocked up. But with uncertainties in the economy a real concern, many companies are looking at the ways to get more value out of these types of programs. Below are some common mistakes we see and some ways to gain more value and control.

Top 5 mistakes outsourcing your first aid supply program:

1. Establish a standardized fill list
90% of businesses surveyed do not have a fill list established, instead relying on a commissioned service representative to stock your first aid cabinets with anything they see fit. Establish a fill list and make sure nothing gets stocked without approval.
2. Unnecessary and duplicate products
Often we’ll see products that have no business being in an office setting and wondered who recommended these products. Have a professional review the content of your kits and make recommendations based on your business environment.
3. Control who places orders
This happens more than you think! Someone taps your service tech on the shoulder asking them for something and they throw it on your bill without you knowing.
4. Keep track of the prices you are paying
Often, van service companies will raise prices and tack on service and fuel charges because they know you are not paying attention. Check your invoice from 6 months or a year ago and see if the prices are the same.
5. Shop around
You are expected to pay a little more for your products to cover service charges but you don’t have to pay $15 for a box of aspirin or $7 a box for bandages. We have been able to save companies on average 33% so shop around!
See comparison.

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