Dry Fire Suppression: Protects Lives and Important Data

While people generally associate fire suppression with water, a newer type of fire suppression system is called a “dry fire suppression system”.  This dry fire suppression system is water-less and has additional benefits over a water-based system.  First, computer and server rooms need to have a fire protection system, because they house valuable assets and critical data.  Next, critical business documents need to be protected from fires, because they contain information related to insurance policies, business licenses, and important contracts.  A water-based fire suppression system would potentially damage computers, servers and critical documents.  However, a water-less fire suppression system is capable of protecting high-tech equipment and documents which can result in less downtime.  In the following video, the dry fire suppression system consists of a special agent and is stored in cylinders as a liquid and pressurized with nitrogen.


  1. I had no idea that there were fire suppression systems that didn’t use water. I’ve always wondered how much damage water sprinklers caused in these situations, so it is good to know there is another option. When cleaning up the water-less suppressor does it have to be disposed of in a special way? Can you just throw it in the trash or vacuum it up?

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