Fire Safety Procedures: 3 Simple Steps

This past summer left with several fires blazing all over the US, especially in the West.   These fires have threatened people, caused evacuations, and burned down homes and businesses.  A lack of knowledge and awareness are the causes of most fires and loss of life.  A continuous fire safety program will allow employees to be […]

Dry Fire Suppression: Protects Lives and Important Data

While people generally associate fire suppression with water, a newer type of fire suppression system is called a “dry fire suppression system”.  This dry fire suppression system is water-less and has additional benefits over a water-based system.  First, computer and server rooms need to have a fire protection system, because they house valuable assets and […]

2013 Hurricane Season Forecast: Active and Strong

According to, the 2013 hurricane season will be active and  have multiple strong storms.  Measured over the past 150 years, the probability and impact of hurricanes fluctuate every 30-40 years.  During the 1970s and 1980s the risks of a hurricane making landfall in the US  were minimal.  However, ever since the late 1980s, hurricanes […]

Workplace Violence: Is your company ready to respond?

Workplace violence events, such as the Newtown and Aurora mass-shootings, have shown that businesses and facilities should be more prepared for mass-casualty events. There were breakdowns in the communications, command, and control at both of these events. Such breakdowns can cause failures with the response process. An expedient and effective response to workplace violence will ensure that […]

Shelter-in-Place, 5 Critical Actions for your Business

A Shelter-in-Place plan is used to provide protection to your employees from local and regional hazards, by taking shelter in a safe area, within your building, when evacuation is not advisable. Numerous hazards could cause a shelter-in-place action to be implemented, such as earthquakes, chemical or biological spills, terrorist acts, tornadoes, floods and armed intruders. […]

First Aid Supply Programs

Money saving tips for businesses! If your company has outsourced their first aid supply program, you probably don’t pay too much attention to your first aid kits. After all, that’s the idea. You focus on more important things and let someone else worry about making sure the medicine cabinet is stocked up. But with uncertainties in the […]

Responding to Medical Emergencies in the Office

What would you do if your coworker suddenly collapsed at work? While calling for help is essential, it may not be enough to save the life of an employee that experiences a medical emergency in the office. Under OSHA regulations, each organization located more than four minutes from a medical clinic or hospital must have […]

Creating a Successful Emergency Response Team

  Your company’s emergency response team (ERT) program is the most critical component when preparing for a major disaster. Since the first priority is employee safety, the lack of a well trained team will hinder your ability to respond in a major disaster and could cause injury and property damage. There are four key components to […]