Workplace Violence: Is your company ready to respond?

SniperWorkplace violence events, such as the Newtown and Aurora mass-shootings, have shown that businesses and facilities should be more prepared for mass-casualty events. There were breakdowns in the communications, command, and control at both of these events. Such breakdowns can cause failures with the response process. An expedient and effective response to workplace violence will ensure that such events are either prevented or minimized at your business or facility.

1. Command– For an effective response to a workplace violence event, a Corporate C3 Plan is recommended. A C3 Plan stands for Command, Control, and Communications. The Command portion of the plan refers to who is in charge of the incident response. Generally, the Incident Commander would be directing the onsite response to the workplace violence incident. The Executive Incident Team could be the offsite team at the corporate headquarters that coordinates the offsite response. The Executive Incident Team would consist of the CEO and other chief officers.

2. Control– The Control aspect of the plan applies to the responsibilities during the emergency response. For example, the role of the floor warden would be to assist the evacuees in leaving the facility or sheltering-in-place. The Incident Commander would dictate the onsite response, such as when to evacuate or lock certain doors for security. Lastly, the Security Team may intervene to control the threat in the workplace violence incident.

3. Communications– The Communications section in the C3 Plan refers to the sending and receiving of emergency information during the workplace violence incident. There needs to be an initial notification of the emergency event, such as an alarm or emergency intercom system for warnings. This will allow people to know that an incident is taking place and that they need to take action. Next, the responders will need to communicate with each other, such as using two-way radios. Lastly, the Incident Commander and Executive Incident Team will need to coordinate with each other; as both are in-charge of the response onsite and offsite respectively.

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